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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Morning Cup of Tea and New Items

I got up lazily around 10am this morning. Believe it or not, not too long ago 10am seemed early to me. Now it seems to be the time I naturally want to get up, sans annoying alarm clock. I started my day with a delicious tall mug of Chai Tea, which I got from Etsy's own Tea Man. I can't say enough good things about this man's tea! If you're into tea (like me), definitely go check out all the great flavors Tea Man has. I also have some of his Vanilla Black Tea, which one of my friends also tried and raved about!

Once waking up, I spent my morning taking photos, editing photos and listing new items on my Etsy store. I am now up to 92 items in my store, only 8 away from 100! I'm amazed that I've managed to make so many things. Of course, it wasn't all over night. I work full time and do many other things as well. All this crafting took place over the course of one and a half years. Some of it has sold in the process too, so I've really made well over 100 items, but seeing it shown on Etsy will be satisfying.

Now, on to some fun stuff... new items! Today I listed the following items:
Golden Goddess Earrings by Weyakin Designs
Thanks for looking everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. love those earings! i've never been a big tea fan, but I should check out that link...

  2. Awesome stuff! I really liked the golden earrings and I love the Purple amethyst bracelet.