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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome to Weyakin Designs' Blog!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for coming to check out my brand new blog. I wasn't sure that I really wanted a blog at first, but I'm seeing so many great blogs out there that I thought I'd like to be part of it too. I'm certainly on the internet enough to warrant making time for a blog.

The purpose of this particular blog firstly, is to show you all of my projects. See what new things I'm making, what I've listed on my Etsy store, see what new things I've added to the gallery of my website, and find out about upcoming vending events, shows and special sales I'm having.

The second purpose for this blog is to share with you all of the other great people I've met who are artisans, crafters, artists, and other variety of creative people. I've met so many interesting and talented people along the way, they deserve a spot to be shared!

Lastly, this blog is also here for me to share other amusements of my days, including new recipes, silly antics and fun links.

I hope you enjoy what you see here! And remember also to sign up for my Weyakin Designs Newsletter. Thanks!


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