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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Morning Cup of Tea and New Items

I got up lazily around 10am this morning. Believe it or not, not too long ago 10am seemed early to me. Now it seems to be the time I naturally want to get up, sans annoying alarm clock. I started my day with a delicious tall mug of Chai Tea, which I got from Etsy's own Tea Man. I can't say enough good things about this man's tea! If you're into tea (like me), definitely go check out all the great flavors Tea Man has. I also have some of his Vanilla Black Tea, which one of my friends also tried and raved about!

Once waking up, I spent my morning taking photos, editing photos and listing new items on my Etsy store. I am now up to 92 items in my store, only 8 away from 100! I'm amazed that I've managed to make so many things. Of course, it wasn't all over night. I work full time and do many other things as well. All this crafting took place over the course of one and a half years. Some of it has sold in the process too, so I've really made well over 100 items, but seeing it shown on Etsy will be satisfying.

Now, on to some fun stuff... new items! Today I listed the following items:
Golden Goddess Earrings by Weyakin Designs
Thanks for looking everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Busy busy... but here's some more love!

Well, this week has been quite busy in terms of stuff not related to my Etsy and other creative projects. Work has been very busy (which is good in this economy)! I'm also in the process of planning a wedding and was taking care of some of that this week.

But, tonight I managed to get together 7 new items, which I plan on listing this weekend. Be on the lookout in my Etsy shop for new jewelry and art magnets...and possibly more!

Harvest Spice Candle by Miltons and MargiesNow, it's time to show you another talented and wonderful seller on Etsy! Tonight's featured seller is Milton and Margie's Candles. Milton and Margie's features wonderfully scented soy wax candles, which are clean burning and more pleasant than normal paraffin wax candles. Plus, they use recycled containers, so these candles are also friendly on the environment! How could you get any better? The variety of containers and heavenly scents make for some pretty unique candles. Great for gifts or for yourself! I loooove my "pumpkin pie" and "fresh baked pie crust" candles.

And hey! Now through March 6, 2009, all purchases from Milton and Margie's are 25% off! Don't miss out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spread the love some more...

Chainmaille Earrings with Red Crystal Beads by TheBeadedHeartWell, I wanted to do this yesterday, but my day got a bit crazy. So, here it is, a belated spread the love post! Today's featured artisan is The Beaded Heart!

The Beaded Heart features a wonderful assortment of beautiful jewelry items, ranging from beaded glass bracelets to chainmaille earrings. These creations are really unique by taking the elegance of modern beads and combining them with the old world craft of chainmaille.

Lampwork Beaded Bracelet by TheBeadedHeart

Visit TheBeadedHeart on Etsy : Visit TheBeadedHeart on Blogspot

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Pretty Shinies and Two Treasuries!

Today when I logged into Etsy, I had the pleasant surprise to see that I've been featured in two treasuries. The first one is by the lovely TheBeadedHeart. You can see her Treasury here: A Few of my Favorite Nuts Part 2

I was also informed by the wonderful blingforbowwow that I've been included in the treasury, Blues and Hues.

Go check out those treasuries and the wonderful people who made them! There are lots of great folks out there on Etsy.

New Jewelry:
This weekend, I also got around to making some new jewelry items, for your shopping or window shopping pleasure. And I had fun making them too!

Sea Faerie Earrings by Weyakin Deisgns
Sea Faerie, Dangle Silver Shell Cone Earrings with Shell Beads and Sun Charms

Shell Cameo Black Velvet and Lace Choker by Weyakin Designs
Lady of Grace, Black Velvet and Lace Victorian Choker with Shell Cameo and Gold Pearls

I've had these cameos hanging around for several years. I finally found some settings and I'm excited that I finally got to use one of them in this choker necklace!

Moon Faerie Dangle Australian Jasper Earrings by Weyakin Designs
Faerie Moon Cone Earrings with Green Australian Jasper, Dangle Hook Earrings

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time to spread the love...

It's the middle of the night on Saturday and on these nights, I find myself most often slipping into the old habits of staying up late on the computer. I used to be a freelance contractor doing print and web design, so I found myself working all hours, including at 2 in the morning. Now, I work 9-5, still making websites, but with a more stable schedule. Even still, I can find myself slipping back into those old habits sometimes.

I have found a lot of really neat artisans and crafters by staying up late on the computer and I want to share some of them with you. Every day for at least the next week, I'd like to feature at least one seller I'm fond of.

Tonight, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I will share with you one of my good online friends, who also was my very first Etsy purchase:

Tragic Stitches features horribly adorable hand crafted plush dolls and toys. Inspired by folk art and Gothic culture, Tragic Stitches' creator makes each doll lovingly by hand. I am the proud owner of a horribly cute Gothic Bunny Family, shown here:

Gothic Bunny Family by Tragic Stitches

You can find lots of horribly cute and wonderfully charming bunnies, bats, demons and dollies at www.tragicstitches.com

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heat packs galore! For your eyes, neck, back and more...

Hey, I made a rhyme in my title... look at that!

Yesterday and today I've listed several more herbal heat packs. I decided to start making packs that are specifically for your eyes. I find the herbal mixture is very relaxing to have over your eyes, especially with the warmth of microwaving the packs. If you can't fall asleep at night, this is a fantastic way to relax yourself! They can also be very helpful for relieving tired eyes and head pain, especially if you spend your day staring at a computer screen like me.

Celestial Eye Pillow by Weyakin  Designs

Along with eye pillows, I listed another shoulder and lower back sized heat pack. These packs are larger and great for the large aching parts of your body. Had a hard day standing all day at work? Put one of these guys on your lower back to relax when you get home.

Victorian Filigree Lower Back and Shoulder Heat Pack by Weyakin Designs

Thanks for looking! And as always, if you have any questions or special requests, let me know.

Welcome to Weyakin Designs' Blog!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for coming to check out my brand new blog. I wasn't sure that I really wanted a blog at first, but I'm seeing so many great blogs out there that I thought I'd like to be part of it too. I'm certainly on the internet enough to warrant making time for a blog.

The purpose of this particular blog firstly, is to show you all of my projects. See what new things I'm making, what I've listed on my Etsy store, see what new things I've added to the gallery of my website, and find out about upcoming vending events, shows and special sales I'm having.

The second purpose for this blog is to share with you all of the other great people I've met who are artisans, crafters, artists, and other variety of creative people. I've met so many interesting and talented people along the way, they deserve a spot to be shared!

Lastly, this blog is also here for me to share other amusements of my days, including new recipes, silly antics and fun links.

I hope you enjoy what you see here! And remember also to sign up for my Weyakin Designs Newsletter. Thanks!