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Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring and Baby Fish!

One of the first signs of spring besides the melting snow is new growth and new babies! We received a fun pre-spring surprise over the past couple of weeks when we decided to add a few new fishies to our tank. I really liked the two black mollies that I saw at the pet store, so we picked them up, along with a couple of ottocat sucker fish. They went into the tank with the danios, cories, and one lone Chinese algea eater who hides in the castle all day.

Well, a couple of days later when I got up in the morning and fed the fish, I saw something tiny moving. Looking closely I discovered that it was a baby fish! Then I saw more. Six of them! One of those mollies was obviously a female and also very pregnant. So, we scrambled to the pet store to get them a net separator box so they wouldn't get eaten or beat on by the bigger fish.

But, it doesn't end there. A week later, looking again, there were more little fish in the tank. Turns out BOTH mollies are female and were pregnant. So, now we have 14 little molly fry.

Time for the fun part... pictures!

Baby Molly Fry from above
Baby molly fry, taken from above.

Baby Molly Fry, a close up side view
Baby molly fry, a close up side view in their net box.

Baby Molly Fry, another side view
Baby molly fry, another side view.

And now, the mommies:

Mommy Molly Number 1
Mommy Molly #1

Mommy Molly Number 2
Mommy Molly #2

The other fish:

Cory Catfish
The pleasant and peaceful cory catfish.

The quick-swimming danios.

And our other fish tank, which has fantail gold fish:

Fantail Gold Fish

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Happy Spring Everyone!!!


  1. Love you little fishy...we use to have Mollies when my kids were young..I always like Mollies...

  2. The mollies are so cute! Were your mollies as big of piggies as ours? I swear they never stop eating! lol