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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy busy... but here's some more love!

Well, this week has been quite busy in terms of stuff not related to my Etsy and other creative projects. Work has been very busy (which is good in this economy)! I'm also in the process of planning a wedding and was taking care of some of that this week.

But, tonight I managed to get together 7 new items, which I plan on listing this weekend. Be on the lookout in my Etsy shop for new jewelry and art magnets...and possibly more!

Harvest Spice Candle by Miltons and MargiesNow, it's time to show you another talented and wonderful seller on Etsy! Tonight's featured seller is Milton and Margie's Candles. Milton and Margie's features wonderfully scented soy wax candles, which are clean burning and more pleasant than normal paraffin wax candles. Plus, they use recycled containers, so these candles are also friendly on the environment! How could you get any better? The variety of containers and heavenly scents make for some pretty unique candles. Great for gifts or for yourself! I loooove my "pumpkin pie" and "fresh baked pie crust" candles.

And hey! Now through March 6, 2009, all purchases from Milton and Margie's are 25% off! Don't miss out.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my candles, Victoria! I'm loving my heat packs from you:)

    Thank you!