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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Support Your Local Economy

In the group I'm a part of, Artisans of WMass, our slogan is "Buy Local, Buy Handmade". Buying local is an important part of our team's outlook and is also an important part of living in western Massachusetts. We live in a unique area where more people are aware of the importance of supporting the local economy and keeping money within the community. More and more communities around the country are starting to see things this way, but we are still plagued with big box stores and corporate take-overs.

Etsy recently posted an article called New Rules: Support Your Local Economy. This interview with Stacy Mitchell of the New Rules Project at the Institute for Local Self Reliance shows her insight into why people do and should shop locally.

Read this article and when you're done, remember to Buy Local, Buy Handmade.

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